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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Corralit Color Studio

The standard Corralit series currently presents the widest offer of unicolours and translucent decors at the Czech market. The decors of the newly added collection with virtually unlimited colour spectrum correspond to decors offered by the surface material manufacturers and to the colour systems as well. That allows us to define a colour in several ways. The attributes of Corralit enable us to develop a colour based on particular requirements of the customer in a most agile manner. We are even able to manufacture a single piece of sheet. There are three ways of defining the colour of a decor. Either you can use the colour systems or the decors from surface material manufacturers, or you can send the colour sample to our laboratory. All materials can be manufactured in a version which is fully penetrated by the selected colour or in a translucent version. The translucent material refracts daylight or artificial light and consequently starts to glow.

Possible Corralit colours:

Colour systems  RAL, NCS, Pantone

A material sample

Surface material manufacturers: EGGER, Kronospan, Pfleiderer


Colour systems

Surface material manufacturers

Colour sample

What can you choose from?


As standard, we support NCS, RAL and Pantone colour palettes. It is possible to define the colours using other systems as well. Contact us for more information.



What to do:


1. Choose the required decor colour from available original samplers and send us your inquiry.

2. Based on your inquiry, we will prepare three colour shades for your approval. 

3. After you approve one of the shades, we will create the colour formula for processing.

What samples can you send us?


In most cases, the easiest way to have a colour precisely defined is to send a colour sample directly to our laboratory.

Although the colour systems and the surface material manufacturers offer over 7,000 colour shades, the samplers might not be sufficient enough to precisely define a colour.


For that reason, we recommend sending us the samples of floor tiles, surface material or surface coating.

What to do:

1. Send a sample with minimal dimensions of 5 x 5 cm to our company laboratory.

2.  Based on the sample, we will send 3 to 5 colour shades to you to choose from and to approve.

3. After your approval, we will be ready to start the manufacturing process and able to deliver the product within the standard delivery time.

Which manufactures do we support?


Our basic offer supports the portfolio of the largest European surface material manufacturers. These are:

What are the colour systems?


These are the systematic series of colours which are used to define colours. They make it easier to design colours and their combinations for interiors.

What to do:


1. Choose the required colour from the sampler. In order to define the relevant colour shade, it is essential to compare it with the supported original sampler. 

2. Based on your inquiry, we create three closest shades of the required colour and send them for your approval. 

3. After your approval, we will be ready to process the material in a way you require – as a sheet material or a moulded material.

Mailing address:


Mark the envelope with:

"Custom design"


Corralit, s.r.o.

Huťská 124

272 01, Kladno

Czech Republic


An Austrian manufacturer of surface material with a wide product portfolio.


TIP: For a better overview of colour combinations, try using the free visualisation application VDS >>>

A Czech manufacturer of surface material with a wide product portfolio.

An Austrian manufacturer of surface material with a wide product portfolio.

There is also a possibility of on-demand decor colour definition based on the product portfolio of other manufacturers of surface material, laminate or even ceramics.

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