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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Prof. Jiří Příhoda

Jiří Příhoda: Světlucha (Corralit Luminous)


“In the US, most people live in houses with gardens and every child dreams of having their own tree house. In 2012, I created such a tree house for my children and my wife near our home in Austin, Texas”, says the designer Jiří Příhoda about his inspiration for the project Světlucha for which he was invited to the well-known Desingnblok 2013 exhibition and which is now constructed in the USA. “I heard about Corralit from an acquaintance and I got an idea to create a larger version of that tree house wrapped in Corralit. Its opalescent glow when the night falls looks like magic – the blue version in particular. There’s nothing more beautiful than falling asleep when it glows in a lovely garden and watching the fireflies flying by during summer nights”, he adds.

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