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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Company Introduction

In 1996, a company called Mi-pol based in Kladno, Czech Republic decided to develop a new and unique artificial stone. First they focused on its optical characteristics and new possibilities of usage. Later, a team led by company owner Michal Poljakov in cooperation with chemical engineer Ivan Fučík came up with a new casting technology. Fučík as an internationally recognised expert in his field made a great contribution to the development, especially in its early phases.  After almost ten years they patented a translucent material with unique light-conducting characteristics – Corralit TL. Nowadays it is being used in both interior and exterior design and functional furnishing. In 2010, Corralit became part of Vágnerplast s.r.o. which expanded the product offering with bathroom elements and supported the implementation of a manufacturing process that uses a new technology of high capacity casting. Since 2015, Corralit s.r.o. runs its business as an independent company. It focuses, above all, on custom processing of the artificial stone. It is the only company in Europe that offers the colour casting and size customization even from one piece of product.


The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The Corralit Material

Meet an artificial polymeric stone of a coral-like quality. It is enriched with acrylate resin that contains natural substances and has parameters of a superb plastic material. Unique with its properties, variety of uses and variability of shapes, colours and possibilities of processing, it is the only artificial polymeric stone that is currently being developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Its solid marble-like material is chemically resistant. Furthermore, it has a high physical and dynamic strength and a low thermal conductivity therefore it does not feel cold when touched. It is self-extinguishing and does not react to moulds, microorganisms or aggressive chemicals. It is stable and suitable for contact with food. It can be machined the same way as wood. It may be used for purposes where long service life, adherence to high hygienic standards and ease of maintenance is a must, e.g. in kitchens, surgeries, operating theatres, pharmacies and various sanitary facilities and restaurants. It fulfils the highest requirements for interior and exterior design. Currently, there are four Corralit variations available. Translucent materials Corralit® TL and Corralit® Luminous acquired a Czech and European patent for their unique characteristics. Besides, there are other two playfully colourful variations available – Toscana and ART. Even the greatest texts and photographs cannot fully describe the unique characteristics of Corralit which change by the incident light. You can experience its playful light conductivity characteristics which create new colours and patterns in our company headquarters where we can acquaint you with other benefits of Corralit as well.

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