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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Corralit ART

When exposed to direct natural or artificial light, the translucent Corralit sheet gets another visual characteristic – the three-dimensionality.  The more changes of light the place of installation allows, the more expressions this unique material has. Shapes and colours created with its 10-12 mm thick sheet are solely up to the customer. No matter how abstract the shapes are, when exposed to light, the flat surfaces create a three-dimensional piece of art. 

Corralit Art can be used as a wall covering or for original interior door and furniture manufacturing. Artists, architects and designers can take great advantage of this easy to use and unique material. If they consider the optical characteristics, the light and its changing intensity, they get a great deal of possibilities to express their ideas.



Standard size of sheets:

760 x 2440 mm


Material thickness:

8,10,12 mm

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