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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Corralit LUminous

The basic compound of Corralit Luminous is a TL material with an added light-emitting pigment. The composition of this synthetic stone allows a two-sided luminescence although the sheet is exposed to light only from one side We offer it in a basic green version and newly in blue colour as well. Other colour varieties are also possible. Similarly, the glow intensity can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and the application. 

The unique Corralit Luminous system has been awarded with a Czech and European patent. Currently, we have patent applications pending in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China.

Corralit Luminous is able to charge itself with light and retain a soft luminescence for up to eight hours during which it gradually changes its colour.



Standard size of sheets:

760 x 2440 mm


Material thickness:

6,8,10,12 mm

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