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Czech custom production

of Solid Surface

Corralit TL

The translucent Corralit TL material supports inlaying, thermoforming and other methods of forming and allows many usage scenarios.

This highly translucent artificial stone enables exceptional combinations of light characteristics, shapes, colours and robustness. The adjustable degree of translucence and luminescence coupled with the supplementary luminous design supports imagination and the sense of freedom and cleanliness. The extreme translucence creates an exceptional three-dimensional effect that enables a strong spatial percept of internal mass and highlights the complex structure of the material. The meticulous results are also achieved by glues which were specially developed for each TL colour. Together with Corralit Art and thanks to their combinations of luminescent properties, Corralit TL got a patent in the Czech Republic, EU, USA, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.



Standard size of sheets:

760 x 2440 mm


Material thickness:

6,8,10,12 mm

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